Finished poster!!!

After a week of tutorials, late nights and lots of frustration, my poster is finally complete.

Here is some more process with the final.

Also, here is a rundown of the captions:

‘TOO’ — 3D Plastic Relief ~ Typeface: Nimbus Sans D Bold ~ Taken at T2, Bondi Junction Westfield

‘MUCH’ — Outdoor Printed Board ~ Typeface: Similar to Comic Sans; Capital M altered however ~ Taken at Bondi Junction SuperCheapAuto Store

‘OF’ — 3D Metal ~ Typeface: Roundhand Bold or Roundhand Black BT ~ Taken at Greenwood Mall, North Sydney

‘A’ — Light-Emitting-Diode ~ Typeface similar to Data Error AOE ~ Taken at the Power House Musem, Harris St

‘GOOD’ — Neon ~ Neon Sign ~ Taken at Hollywood Avenue, Bondi Junction

‘THING’ — Silkscreened Fabric ~ Typeface similar to Hand Cursive, but extra curves added ~ Taken at Bardot, Bondi Junction Westfield

‘IS’ — 3D Plaster Relief ~ EF Caslon Black ~ Taken at Billy Blue Library

‘WONDERFUL’ — Original lettering ~ Sans serif type

I guess this is where the story ends…it’s been incredible, that joy of finding a word and feeling like the whole universe has been conspiring to make you see it and be there. I certainly feel like I’ve delved into the world of letters and type, and the good thing is that there is still so much more to go on my journey of becoming a designer…too much of a good thing is wonderful…I will remember that, I know


Later attempts to make the poster…

Since the fundament of my message is the word ‘wonderful’, I wanted this to be visually manifested in my poster.
I decided to work with balloons, which in large quantities, released into the sky, really look wonderful, and fit the phrase ‘too much of a good thing’ as well.
The captions for each word, i.e. the typeface and explanation for each shot, will be made into the strings running off the balloons.
Here is what I’ve got so far:

some more words I’ve found along the way…

….I am beginning to think that I’ve gotten so much into the habit of looking for words, I will be doing it long after this assignment is handed in…I mean I’ve found all my words…but I keep seeing more!!!

The first attempts to make a poster…

…so my technical skills are still not up to par, this being my first semester as a design student…but there has to be a beginning to every story…so while not the brightest itroduction, volume II begins!

Inexpressible Neon goodness!!!

May 29, 2009

OMG!!! I am so uber excited!!! Just now, after almost no sleep what with all the projects being due this and next week, a miracle happened. I found, not one, but 2 “GOOD”s at one location AND guess what????? they were both totally and completely different to any mediums I’ve used before. Not only that, BUT I FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY got a NEON sign!!!!!

I cannot express the depth of my excitement!! The funniest thing of all is that this location is literally 20 steps away from where I live, except it is on a route I hardly take….wow….

Musings on the Wonderful

May 27, 2009

some rough layout ideas for my poster and the finished ‘wonderful’ that I’ve designed!

All best words together so far..